BULATS Speaking

You may also decide to assess your speaking using the BULATS Speaking test. The table below shows you what the Speaking test involves:

Speaking Time

  • Part 1 Interview about 4 minutes
  • Part 2 Presentation about 4 minutes
  • Part 3 Information Exchange and Discussion about 4 minutes

In Part 1 you need to be able to talk about your job, studies, career plans and personal interests.

In Part 2 you have to give a short presentation about a work-related topic. You have to choose one of three topics which the examiner will give you and talk for 1 minute. You have 1 minute to read the three topics, choose one and make some notes about what you want to say. The examiner will ask you some questions after you have finished speaking.

Task A
Describe an important business meeting you attended.
You should say:
I.   where it was;
II.  what it was about;
III. why it was important;
IV.  work clothes and behaviour;
What were the most interesting moments?

Task B
Describe someone you particularly enjoy working with.
You should say:
I.   what this person does;
II.  what sort of work you do with this person;
III. why you like working with person? Why?/Why not?

Task C
Describe how your company chooses its suppliers,
You should say:
I.   who chooses your company's suppliers;
II.  what your company expects from its suppliers;
III. what happens if a suppplier's service is unsatisfactory;

How satisfied is your company with its suppliers?

In Part 3, you have to role-play a situation with the examiner and then participate in a discussion on a similar topic. The examiner will give you some instructions about the task and you have 1 minute to read them. If you don′t know so much about the topic, you should remember that the important thing is to demonstrate your English ability in Part 3.

Look at the example of a Part 3 task below and think about how you would ask the Conference Organizer for the information you need.

Information Exchange

You are making the arrangements for a one-day conference at a local hotel. The Examiner is the Conference Organizer for the hotel and is visiting you to discuss the conference.

Find out this information:

I.   the size of the largest conference room
II.  the cost for that room
III. equipment available.

You will then be asked to give your opinion on this information.


Now discuss this topic with the Examiner.